Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris is a veteran of stage, screen and waitressing and also sells cheeseballs and cupcakes in New York for Tattle Tail, the company named for her pet rabbit.

Amy Sedaris, performer, playwright and sister of writer David Sedaris, is a perfectly sane woman with a twisted persona. Sedaris once posed as a battered woman for an article on beautiful New Yorkers, and she created the cult TV character Jerri Blank, a forty-something recovering drug addict who returns to high school.

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Amy Sedaris started out as a beloved downtown personality, the cute girl willing to make herself repulsive with a pig nose, a hump, and a fat suit, like Cindy Sherman crossed with Phyllis Diller. She’s David Sedaris’s younger sister, one of the panoply of wacky Greek siblings who are staples in his short stories. Amy Sedaris figures she's been playing variations of Jerri Blank — her ''boozer, user, and loser'' alter ego from the late Comedy Central series Strangers With Candy — for almost 15 years now.

"Strangers" With Candy alum Amy Sedaris will be back on television this month, and she will also be back in high school. This time Amy will be the principal of the school. Strangers With Candy starts from a parodic concept but is so deeply ironic it digs way below parody. Amy Sedaris also stars as the slightly bonkers principal of Hamm Lake Middle School, and David Alan Grier co-stars as the prep school coach who is dedicated to proving Stewie a failure.

Amy Sedaris was on David Letterman recently and had everyone in stitches. She displayed great chemistry with Letterman. Amy Sedaris is one of the most favorite people, right now. She is freaking awesome for being so funny, crafty and having such a singular style. Amy Sedaris is very funny and there are all kinds of gems in her book.

Famous Quotes by Amy Sedaris:
I try to pick music that doesn't involve a lot of lyrics, so you're not paying attention to that. As long as it doesn't dominate the party, it should be more atmosphere music.

If I'm creating something for myself, then I want to have fun. I like to play unattractive people who think they're pretty. You can do what you want, but I prefer to look interesting.

I'm drawn to people who look different. I'm not exploiting. I'm not making fun of them. I'm drawn to them. We're all used to seeing pretty people. I want to see real people.

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